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Norba Caesarina High School launched its inaugural year of the English-Spanish Bilingual Project in 2009-2010, which was originally initiated by the Board of Extremadura in 2004-2005. The English-Spanish Bilingual project is part of a broader policy framework that pursues implementing and reinforcing the teaching of English as a foreign language, which constitutes an essential element in the process of building a European identity, multilingualism and diversity.

Undoubtedly, the increase of international relations is enhanced by the improved means of communication and the development and dissemination of information technologies. Therefore, knowledge of one or more foreign languages has become a growing need in our society today and for our future.




The students who are enrolled in the Bilingual Sections have an extra hour of English per week with the help of a native English teaching assistant. The Language Assistant is essential for the development of oral communication skills and socio-cultural awareness. These two factors assume greater success in achieving the objectives.



  • MAY
  • “Ice breaker” activities: The first weeks of school we will organize some welcome activities. They will appear in the entries “Back to school with humour” and “Dangerous journeys to school”.
  • Cartoons Exhibition: “Back to school with humour”.
  • We will start the organization for the trip to Bath with 3rd year students. We intend to hold informative chats with those students who are interested and their parents.
  • World Teachers Day”. 5th October we celebrate the World Teachers Day. Our students are leaving their comments on good memories from former teachers.  
  • “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”. Taking into account the difficult economical situation, a lot of families in our town are in need, so  we are collecting food for the Food  Bank in Cáceres. See all the details in our blog.
  • Halloween. As every year, the English Department is organizing activities related to Halloween in collaboration with our assistant teacher. Our students will watch different horror movies in the Filmoteca of Extremadura.



  • We will collaborate with the school library to organise cultural activities during November: readings, a horror movies week, exhibitions, presentations, music, etc.
  • Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on 5th November. We take the opportunity to learn more about historical and cultural traditions. We intend to organize activities related to this celebration.
  • World Music Day. Activities for 2nd y 3rd ESO  to celebrate the World Music Day November, 22nd.


  • Christmas Cards designing.
  • Participation in the school Christmas party with traditional English Christmas Carols in collaboration with the Music Department.
  • New Year's Resolutions: Students are posting their resolutions for 2016 on our blog.
  • 2016, Olympic Year: Throughout the year the different areas of the Bilingual Section will organise activities about the Olympic movement.  
  • We commemorate five hundred years of the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare. Activities related to both writers will be organised.
  • The Bilingual Section will collaborates with the School Library in San Valentine's Week. See all the details in the blog entry: “Norba in Love”. Students will work on love texts and search famous love quotations in order to organize an exhibition and to leave comments in our blog. 
  • Cinema and Romance (IV): This is the fourth year we are showing “rom com” (romantic comedies) for ESO students.
  • International Women’s Day. Using our blog, we are going to work on texts dealing with the difficult path towards equality between men and women.
  • World Poetry Day. On March, 21st we celebrate World Poetry Day. Translation contest: Students will translate poems written by Angloamerican writes. 
  • Cultural Week: Bilingual students will participate in tradicional games. This activity will be coordinated by the English and the P.E. Departments.
  • School Trip: Week in Bath with 3rd year students.
  • World Book Day: We will work on Shakespeare and Cervantes.

  • Olympic Year: Exhibition of works.
  • Shakespeare and Cervantes: Exhibition of works.
  • Leaving activity for 4th year students: A visit to the medieval part of Cáceres.









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